Why Love animals? Because they give you everything, without asking for anything. Because against the power of man with weapons, they are helpless. Because they are eternal children, because they do not know the meaning of hatred or war. Because they don't know what money is and they only console themselves with a place to escape from the cold. Because they make themselves understood without proferring a word, because their gaze is as pure as their soul. Because they do not know envy or grudge, because forgiveness is still natural in them. Because they live without having a luxurious abode. Because they do not buy love, they simply expect it and because they are our companions, eternal friends from which nothing can separate us. Because they're alive. For this and another thousand reasons, they deserve our love.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

New Golden Sunrise

Breeding American Golden Retrievers
We love dogs, and in general all animals, but American Golden Retrievers have always held a special place in our family, as in our heart. The continual dedication and in-depth study of the American Golden breed has allowed us to transform this vivid passion into a full-time job. From that day an adventure began that brought the colors of the sun, and we want to share it with you: it is the story of New Golden Sunrise, a kennel of American Golden Retrievers of American type which were born in Verona in the green hills of Sommacampagna.

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