The American Golden Retriever
A well-proportioned and solid dog, his triangular shaped eyes give him a tender, sweet and friendly expression. They are long-haired and compact, with a thick waterproof undercoat of a glossy and intense colour that includes varying shades of gold.

The breed is an offspring

The pedigree is the certificate of inscription to the stud books that in Italy is issued by the ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana) on which are annotated the identifying data of a dog, its breed, its genealogy and the personal data of the owner and the breeder. What affects the cost of a dog possessing pedigree is not the pedigree itself, which costs a few euros, but the work of selection and importing dogs and all the veterinary medical examinations which certify the state of good health of the reproducers.

A Gentle Spirit

The temperament of the Golden retriever is a distinctive trait of the breed and is normally described as being "kind, friendly and self-confident." Their meek and trusting personality makes them ill-suited as guard dogs. Any form of unjustified aggression against people and other dogs is considered unacceptable in a Golden retriever and is not in line with the personality of the breed. The typical Golden retriever is calm, by nature intelligent and docile and exceptionally enthusiastic.

Health above all

Hygiene and vaccination
There are certain aspects to consider when looking after the health of your Golden: you will have to periodically make sure that his ears are clean, his fur soft, smooth and without unpleasant odours. Their skin should not show any signs of dermatitis. Feces must be well formed and last but not least your friend must always be lively and ready to work. For vaccinations and pesticide treatments, we always recommend seeing your trusted veterinarian.

Golden Best Friend

Golden Retrievers with Children
The Golden Retriever is a well-suited dog for children. This breed hates solitude, loves the company of its owners, particularly its young owners who are playful and fun like it is. Children love cuddling their pets, and Golden Retrievers, in turn, love being petted and hugged for hours. Golden Retrievers and the little ones of the house will get along great and there will be a feeling of love at first sight.

Golden Housewife

Golden Retrievers in the Home
They adapt very well to family life: napping for hours by the sofa (but also on the sofa if you let them!) but, his mental vivacity will be in "on" mode as soon as he hears that you are taking the lead out of the drawer. Do not forget that if you want an obedient and balanced dog in the house you must also satisfy his desire to do physical and mental activity.

Healthy Golden, healthy body

Playing and Physical Activities
Typical Golden retrievers are active and fun-loving animals with the exceptionally patient demeanour of a dog bred to sit quietly for hours during a hunt. Adult dogs love to work and have a strong ability to focus on a given task. They will work until exertion so you have to be careful to avoid giving them too big of a work load. Another feature is an immoderate love for water, not always found in all dog breeds.