Home Sweet Home

Our puppies are delivered 75 days after their birth, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. All of our puppies were born to parents that were officially checked for main hereditary pathologies. We also attach a photocopy of their parents' pedigree with their official certificates, also accompanied by useful advice on nutrition, growth and caring for your new life companions.

New four-legged arrivals...

You can contact us to be informed about our litters: we'll be happy to set up an appointment, keep you updated and respond to anything else you're curious about.
The arrival of an American Golden retriever puppy will surely bring joy and enthusiasm, especially to the little ones, but it could also create a bit of initial turmoil. Don't be discouraged: with a little perseverance and commitment your puppy will be behaved, faithful and obedient. Let's keep in mind that a dog, like any other pet, must be kept healthy and cared for like a new member of the family. This takes time and willingness. If you are respectful to him, your dog will reciprocate, and he will reward you with all the affection he can give and will become your most trusted friend.
Do you want to be prepared for the arrival of your puppy?
The first days of a puppy's arrival are very important. We've prepared a small manual full of tips that will allow you to get into step with your new arrival.
You will also be able to keep informed long after your puppies first days by following our various channels: